How Green Bee Came To Be

Chris With Tanks

Christopher Kinkade, a lifelong tinkerer in the kitchen, had a problem. He noticed that while on the run with his family, there were never any healthy alternatives to sugary soda. After learning about the seriousness of the declining bee population, Chris began tinkering with beekeeping. Then one day, while tending his hives, a few thoughts went “buzzing” through his mind.

 “Why don’t more products use honey instead of sugar?”

“Why couldn’t you make soda out of local honey?”

 Chris took off his beekeeping suit and started making soda that very day. Once his three children carefully tasted his creations and gave an enthusiastic and unanimous “thumbs up” he knew his mission was clear. He founded Green Bee Soda to share his belief that soda can be healthy and support Honey Bees, a critical link to plant and human survival.